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You want to meditate. So you get an app. But then, when you want to listen to it, there are a thousand things competing for your attention. So you get a book and you kinda skimmed it on the commute. But how are you going to apply what’s there amid the city? You’re not a monk or a nun. What’s the use of learning how to meditate in a cave, when you live in a building?

If this is you, would you also like to:

·       Apply meditation whenever you are?

·       Connect with yourself to relax and to enhance creativity?

·       Use visualizations to make your urban life more magical?

If the answer to that is a YES! Then we have something you are looking for:

Urban Meditation.

Urban Meditation is the path of the Urban Yogi. This path does not begin in a never-really-here-future-retreat, but on where you are right now.

Using techniques learned in Urban Environments, we will talk about:

·       The difference between book-and-movie idealized meditation and doing it wherever you are.

·       The main pitfalls of the Urban Meditator.

·       How to use sound and movement as the basis of the meditation.

And learn TWO techniques that you can use on your day to day life.

This Intro will take place on Oct 25th, 8:30 pm New York Time (EDT, GMT-4). You can use http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ to check out your time. It will be a zoom talk of 90’, with a recording for all participants. The speaker (Federico Andino) is a researcher and Mindfulness Lead at IBM with more than 20 years of experience in Urban Meditation. The cost of the talk is US$9.99

To Learn this amazing technique, please use the paypal link below.

See you there!